Providing all basic
labor management services.

A certified social insurance and labor consultant is a specialist in legal matters related to labor and social insurance in companies and is also a very important supervisor in HR and labor management. Companies often need the support of a certified social insurance and labor consultant in a variety of ways, such as applying for grants and subsidies, personnel evaluations, labor management services, and hiring.

Labor Robot will incorporate payroll, attendance, and other labor management functions into its system to improve operational efficiency and also provide support for grant applications.

In the future, we also plan to introduce a new service that will enable online application for subsidies.

3 Features

The direct supervision of a professionals with a proven track record provides a more reliable service.

The service is directly supervised by a firm with solid experience and skills specialized in labor industry. Therefore, we are able to provide high-quality services that do not rely solely on AI and robotics, based also on the capabilities of the excellent professionals.

We provide a new type of labor management system that supports the creation of an appropriate company in line with the times.

System development enables labor management to be converted into data, greatly simplifying the amount of work required. In addition to reducing time and personnel costs, it also reduces human error and stress on employees and supports companies.

We will contribute to a sustainable society by enhancing cooperation between humans and AI to improve operational efficiency.

Robot Consulting Co., Ltd. aims to embody the SDGs, and the idea of “making judiciary more accessible” is one of the key indicators. We contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through Labor Robot using AI and system development.

Functions Labor Robot will support your company by utilizing our self-developed system.

Employee database is easily managed by the system, and employee information is used to find subsidies applicable.

The system easily manages the vast amount of employee data handled by labor management. By combining disparate employee information into a single system, it reduces work time and eliminates human error. The paperless system also prevents loss or damage of documents.

Easily manage grant application flow.

Streamlining time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks such as applying for and receiving grants. It supports further growth of the company by reducing the workload of employees by reducing the number of working hours, and by using employee management data to increase the percentage of benefits receiving. Labor Robot will support your company by utilizing our self-developed system.

Chatbot function eliminates anxiety.

All questions and concerns about labor issues will be resolved entirely through the chatbot function in the system for ease of use.

Future Prospects

Data can be managed by linking attendance management with the system.

Systematization of data required for employee management, such as attendance and payroll, will be possible. Management data will be used to apply for grants.

Online application for grants will be available.

We will introduce a new service through online application, that will make the application which involves many cumbersome process for grants, much easier.

Virtual avatars can be consulted via voice input.

In the future, services in the metaverse space will be linked through the system, enabling virtual consultation with experts, literally anytime and anywhere on an interactive basis. We will provide new services to support the future of labor related works.