An AI service that provides consultation
on laws in the metaverse.

The laws on the metaverse are still not clearly defined. Although the number of users continues to increase, not many people understand them.

As various metaverse businesses continue to expand, many companies and individuals will be concerned about the laws in metaverse.

Robot Lawyers can easily consult about laws in the metaverse as easily as searching on the Internet.

The AI responses are supervised by SAKURA Law Office, which is well versed in the laws of the metaverse, to ensure accuracy of correctness. With this service, we aim to create a society in which legal consultation is more easily accessible.

3 Features

Realistic AI experience through API integration with ChatGPT.

Now is the time for AI to be intelligent. This service, in integration with Chat GPT, can provide users with an advanced AI experience that goes far beyond the old chatbot system.

It is supervised by a law firm that is well versed in the law of the metaverse.

Among the laws, those in the metaverse space are also in the process of being constructed. SAKURA Law Office, which is well versed in this area, will supervise this service to improve the accuracy of the answers given by the AI.

We have designed a connection line that allows users to consult with a real lawyer.

Some users may want to hear more detailed information after having a conversation with the AI Robot Lawyer. For those users, we have designed a lead-in line that allows them to consult with real lawyers within the metaverse space.

Functions Robot Lawyer is a service that allows difficult to access legal consultation to be more accessible.

Conversations with AI support both voice and text.

Support for voice input as well as text makes it easier for users to use and enhances the conversational experience.

Consulting about laws in metaverse with metaverse UI.

The user interface (UI) is also designed to evoke the metaverse space, which increases affinity with the laws of the metaverse and makes it easier for users to understand.

Consultation with real lawyers is also possible in the metaverse space.

Since users may feel uncomfortable in face-to-face legal consultation, by conducting it in the metaverse space, users can easily accept it as an extension of AI services and lower the hurdle to consultation.

Future Prospects

We will increase the number of users by connecting to popular platforms.

This AI system will also be deployed in various metaverse services. Users will be able to use and experience the system as an extension of playing the game, and the threshold for legal consultation will be lowered.

Allowing MetaHumans to be one of the avatars to choose from.

Incorporating MetaHumans as one of the real lawyer avatars will expand the range of choices for users and enable them to consult with the person they are looking for.

Global expansion by supporting multiple languages.

This service will be deployed globally by having AI learn the laws of diffenrent countries, and by supporting multiple languages. In the chaotic metaverse space, we will build a legal standard on a global basis.