Advancement through the technology,

for all involved in labor and legal industry.

Robot Consulting Co., Ltd., developing the latest AI and robotic technologies, currently offers two services that combine the technology and the professional services industry; the “Labor Robot” and the “Lawyer Robot”.

This is one of the scientific technology that can make law and labor related services which are inseparable from people’s lives more accessible to users, and at the same time, can make the professional offices’ work more efficient.

We propose services that are not only convenient, but also “close to people’s hearts” by utilizing the mechanical technology.

Labor Robot

We provide basic labor management services, such as payroll calculation, attendance management, and grant application support, and help companies manage their important “human resources”. We also contribute to the improvement of employee satisfaction.

Lawyer Robot

The work that is currently handled by human hands is made overwhelmingly efficient through AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics technology. At the same time, we aim for a future in which users can easily consult about legal issues, which most of the people have difficulty to access to.

Robot Lawyer

This AI service allows users to consult about “the laws of the metaverse”. It is also linked with ChatGPT, allowing users to have a realistic AI experience. For users who want to hear more detailed information, we have designed a connection line that allows users to consult with real lawyers in the metaverse space.

Metaverse HP

You can experience our information and services as you stroll through the metaverse (virtual) space. You can move through four major rooms; “Labor Robot”, “Lawyer Robot”, “Company Information”, and “NFT Products”, each of which allows you to learn more about our company through experiencing.

Meta Mall

The shopping mall on metaverse will be a space where visitors can actually purchase products. Among a wide variety of stores, users can enjoy the stores’ 3D products from different angles, enabling a reality-like purchasing experience. For the stores. creating the metaverse EC will also lead to the development of new customers.